Thursday, May 2, 2013


Sometimes, to keep one's mind away from getting trapped among life's routinely thoughts and worries brought by daily events, it can be fascinating to try and think about the way humans operate as a whole. What habits have been developed, what patterns. One of those patterns is a perpetual need to "flock together" (with some exceptions, of course). We create groups intentionally, unintentionally, and we even create groups when we’re trying not to create groups. It’s kind of an endless circle that humankind might never be able to break out of. Sometimes a small portion of people realizes what’s happening and tries to avoid separatism and favoritism, but eventually they either exhaust their resources and retire or achieve only small results, insignificant in the big picture. Because once you turn into a group with a common cause, you’re destined to start rejecting people that do not fit into your group. Which is still, as I recall, an event of separating people. The sole definition of the word group makes this inevitable, since a group is a limited entity by definition. Despite the cons, being in a group makes one feel more comfortable. It might even make one feel more powerful. Really, it’s easier to break one man than seven. In fact, I believe groups have more pros than cons. Imagine a world as one group where no one would ever be excluded…it would just be one giant blob of people, absolute chaos. Groups are actually a way to put people in certain directions, put everything in order, make sure all bases are covered. 

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