Monday, June 6, 2011

Life is Either a Daring Adventure or Nothing

I love flying. It is and has always been a part, or, might I say, a start, of a new page, new experience, new opportunity throughout my life. For some, it might accidentally become a problem of identity - if you find yourself lost and confused about who you are, due to all the places you have visited.

I love flying. Flying is annoying to most of the people that use air transportation, but to me, this is always a start of something exciting. This is where I take time to think deeply and realize what awaits for me in the very near future when I get off that airplane. All the biggest impressions in my life and career have resulted from traveling.

As a college student that goes to school half-a-planet away from home, I don’t really get to see my parents and friends that often. Oh, forgot to mention, I am from a Central Asian country named Turkmenistan. So, when I do get to fly home (once in 1-1.5 years), it’s a long, expensive and exhausting trip. Consisting of about 4 flights averaging 10 hours each, that’s what it sounds like to anyone. Anyone, but me. I do not possess explanation to it at this point, but I hope that all the odd pieces come together in the future.

I hope that through reading my blog, at least some kind of an urge to travel awakens inside those who have never stepped foot outside of their own country. It isn’t about patriotism, not at all. I am and will be spending most of my twenties in the States, but it doesn’t mean I’m betraying or losing love for my home country. Nor will I ever be able to deny a special, developed over time, place in my heart for all the countries I’ve visited, especially America, the country I’ve visited the most.

The purpose of this blog isn't just advice, it's more of a message. A message that, in today's globalized world, traveling is a MUST.